Bott is certified to ISO 9001 at its three sites in the UK.

Bott products also carry the GS symbol for TÜV approved safety. Bott is a manufacturer of high quality workplace and storage solutions. The Bott philosophy is based on total quality, rapid response, value for money and reliability.

The Bott Quality Policy

Bott Limited manufacture and distribute high quality storage equipment and workplace systems.

It is the policy of Bott Limited to ensure that each contract is executed and fulfilled in a manner that sets and maintains a level of reliability and service consistent with fully meeting the requirements and specifications of the customers. Quality objectives are continually set and reviewed in line with company strategic objectives.

The Company's reputation is built around the key service criteria of Total Quality, Rapid Response Times, Value for Money and Reliability.

In order to support this policy, and the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008, the Company has established and documented a formal Quality System that encompasses all functions within the organisation affecting quality. It is the responsibility of the Quality Manager to maintain the Quality System.

The Quality System is subject to regular audit and review in order to maintain its validity, and to ensure that the system supports the Company's defined quality objectives. Areas for improvement are identified through specific non-conformances, trend analysis, employee suggestions, initiatives, audit results and customer feedback.

Last revision - March 2015